It’s Friday afternoon and I’m NOT going to show up empty-handed for Mother’s Day! (But I’m not going out of budget either.) Two days and counting…this is one of our projects, found on the Internet, of course.

First, we made our own non-toxic paint! Nothing like getting into a project that involves a “project” before the Project!

I used a recipe that called for cornstarch and water. Even after halving the ingredients I ended up with quite a bit. It’s going to be a fun weekend for my baby girl! (Messy for me.)

Non-toxic finger paint, homemade with cornstarch, water, and food coloring
Mix together: 1 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup COLD water. 
Add: 2 1/4 cups BOILING water.
Stir until desired consistency.
Add food coloring.

Next I strapped the baby in her high chair and painted her feet with my fingers.

(One available fingertip for each color, kind of worked out, didn’t it?)

She didn’t like how this tickled so there was a lot of singing of “The Wheels on the Bus…”

Then I applied her feet to this pot that I found (still packaged in fresh uncrinkled cellophone) in a nearby dumpster with a beautiful (albeit bent) purple orchid  in it.

(You can see the orchid in the middle of the table because it needed to be cut from its stem, and if  it’s still going strong in by Sunday, I’ll make a corsage out of it. Shhhh….)

Mother's Day Butterfly Handprint Flower Pot

The subject of this Mother’s Day Art Project is…NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Baby with paint stained feet hiding from momma in the kitchen cabinets!

Well, maybe?

Ok, that’s a negative, Houston.

Here’s what I worked on until I wanted to photograph my baby girl in the cabinet instead.

Mother's Day Butterfly Flower Pot with Homemade Paint
Still a work in progress but I have some ideas for digging up some of my prolific hostas to make this pot look MOTHER’S DAY GLAM!