First of all, if I were a “professional” photographer, shooting with a name brand camera I’ve never heard of, a graduate of advanced photography classes, intricately acquainted with Adobe Photoshop, sporting a custom watermark design on the edge of each print, and with enough lenses strapped to my hip to make a several mortgage payments, I’d consider this photo…practically priceless! (And you’d find the cost of capturing your little one is such adorableness and a link to my PayPal account here.)

But everyone (except me) is a professional photographer these days, seeing as I’m personally acquainted with no fewer than 20.

So for now, I’m a point-n-shoot shoot devotee still grateful for the day (not so very long ago) that I upgraded to my first camera phone (having water-damaged more than a few along the way).

And I’ve given myself carte blanche freedom to blatantly ignore “less is more” and snap dozens of pictures of my toddler, Muffin, in various states of charm throughout the day.

Then I spend hours dating and organizing them (doesn’t that at least sound “professional”?) and letting food burn on the stove while I wistfully escape reality and armchair travel the glove, and into people’s backyards and living rooms, through beautiful photography that fills my screen. And they don’t even start with a cute baby half the time! The simplest or objects or dowdiest of subjects are made beautiful with perfect lighting, eloquent composition, and brilliant color.

I want that.

I long for the good old days in college when I spent glorious uninterrupted hours on Photoshop, burning the candle at both ends straightening the learning curve, because I needed it for classes. But when you perfectly time a trial subscription to coincide with syllabus assignment dates there usually isn’t a whole lot of motivation to to keep going 😉

So without whatever is the latest and greatest in equipment and technology, is my point and click photographic display of…

Why I love Summer!


Baby Eating Popsicles in Pak-n-Play
Setting up the anywhere/everywhere Pak-n-Play that can be washed down and set to dry in the sun…means this messy baby doll is not in my lap…or running around the pool deck! Look at those eyes!


Baby Eating Popsicle
And if you don’t have a Pak-n-play handy (or it’s set up inside), all of THIS can still take place OUTSIDE!


Foam Blocks in Pool
The summer toys come out of hiding…and double as play pens!


Baby Peeking
Toys set out at on curbs last fall come out of hiding to shine at my house!


Baby Eating Fruit
Muffin eats a lot of fruit!
Summer Fruit
And more abundance!!


Little girls admiring baby at the pool
“Baby toys” are universal for “pool toys”…and bringing anything new to a long morning at swim lessons makes you POPULAR!


Baby ready to fall asleep in car seat.
Good swimmers are for GREAT nappers!


Baby wearing tap shoes to bed
There is no reason to wear anything in summer but a diaper…and tap shoes!