Have you seen a recall for these baby rattle socks?


(I haven’t.)


If you’ve bought these infant rattle socks for your baby (or are considering buying them as a gift), please take a moment to read this post.


These Infant Rattle Socks should be recalled.


Baby Rattle Socks Dangerous Parts
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Without knowing the specific name or manufacturer of our socks, it appears the exact socks we have (and dozens of similar ones) are still widely sold.


These rattle socks are dangerous because of the choking hazard that is very lightly stitched into them, or in some cases not stitched at all.


Infant Rattle Socks Recall Choking Hazard
Adorable Danger


I picked up these rattle socks in pristine shape at a yard sale awhile back and I thought they were the cutest things ever!  Muffin, though a bit frightened by them initially, was enjoying them (as well as my three-year-old niece, Nori who wore them as mittens 🙂  And mommy thought they adorable, so that’s all that matters, right?




The last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time looking up recalls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.  Since we’ve gotten everything from toys and books to clothes and baby equipment from friends and family members and at yard sales, consignment sales, and thrift stores, I’ve spent a lot of time checking to make sure they’re safe for our baby.


And as a side note on buying baby items on the secondary market: I think it’s the best way to buy for your baby!  The new paints and plastics have had a chance to off-gas elsewhere, and not into your home and lungs 🙁  And usually any problems with the product have already been discovered by other parents and warnings and recalls have been initiated.  Not to mention that you save a lot of money and have the flexibility to try many different products that you wouldn’t have if you bought everything retail.  I’ve even been able to resell some of my used equipment for more than what I paid for it.


Baby Rattle socks choking hazard danger recall
This looks like a choking hazard to me!


When I looked today, despite there being recalls for all kinds of baby rattles and recalls for all types of socks that identified everything from detachable bows, flowers, beads, pearls, eye balls, and decorative appliqués to slip and fall hazards, there was not a single recall or warning (that I can find) for these infant rattle socks.


The exception being one parent’s complaint on www.saferproducts.gov.


I appreciate the parent who takes the time to submit a report.  And I joined forces by making one of my own.


CSPC complaint infant rattle socks


You can too 🙂


While I know we have to be vigilant ourselves and cannot rely on the government or others to protect our children, there is so much awareness on the Internet and parents looking out for each other by letting others know when they find something dangerous or questionable.  And I think this is a good thing.


But it just seem so crazy to me that these adorable little rattle socks have seemingly slipped through the cracks.  (They did sit in my in-bucket for two months before I did anything though – and I almost threw them away several times but something held me back – so I understand how life gets in the way and people do not find the time report.  Or maybe it’s something we just don’t think about.)


Baby Rattle socks choking hazard danger needs recall


Sometimes, it surprises me what’s been recalled.

The ignition “key” on our Barbie trike was recalled because it protruded too high.  A quick online form and a few weeks later a new “key” (with a much lower profile) was in my mailbox with installation instructions.  I felt like such an great mom 🙂  Our AngelCare baby monitor was recalled for parts to keep the cord from being a choking hazard and so I sent away for those.


So was one of our drop side cribs which is now in storage…with the parts.  And our Leapfrog caterpillar toy.  And then there are the things that went straight in the trash: Our Infantino baby sling for suffocation, our Dora the Explorer toys and the black and white linking rings for lead paint.  The list goes on but I won’t bore you.


The bottom line: when it comes to your baby/child, I’m finding that you have to be vigilant.  At least I do.


But other times I wonder why I can’t find a recall for something that seems so obvious.  Especially when it is possible to find your baby playing with…this.


Baby rattle socks choking hazard


My CPSC.gov report:

A small plastic disk that measures approximately 1/2 ” thick and is the exact diameter of a penny (a choking hazard) became detached from an infant rattle sock when an older child (3 year old) was playing with it.  Upon examination, it was discovered that the rattles are not sewn very well into the cushy fabric rattle cover design (that is then sewn onto the sock). There is simply a slit (in all of the socks examined) and several stitches to close the slit.  In one sock, it appears that the slit had not been stitched closed at all (because the rattle cover is still stitched in place but the slit it open).  On a different sock (the pink strip with flower rattle cover), the rattle cover is coming apart at the seam and it appears that in a matter of time the rattle of that sock would pushed through.  These are meant to be worn by younger children but, as in our case, older children obviously are attracted to playing with them as toys. Because the older child played with and dislodged the rattles from their cover, the baby had access to them and was playing with the pieces.  Also, since they are meant to attract the reach and attention of infants that are capable of moving their limbs, it is possible that an infant could dislodge the small chokeable rattle while reaching for and playing with the sock.


Their Reply:

. . .Your Report will not be posted on SaferProducts.gov because it does not meet the minimum requirements for publication. The requirements below were not met:

  • Manufacturer or Private Labeler . . .


So, because I could not confirm the manufacturer of these socks (though they look like the ones in the photos above) they will not be recalled and parents will not be warned. . . at least not by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  And I find no record of my report when I search their site by “rattle socks” or my report number.  It’s as if I’ve said nothing at all.


If You Have Infant Rattle Socks

Please stop using them (or remove and discard the choking hazards).  And share this information with http://www.cpsc.gov


You could save a life!




Photo Credits: Lakeside and LTD.