This is my InBucket.  It’s my classy version of an inbox.  It never gets smaller.  It doesn’t get less complicated.  It’s constantly growing.  It’s messy.  It’s overwhelming.  There’s no way to put a lid on it…


Do you have one of these?


Most of my inbucket is made up of completely unnecessary work that I make for myself…because I’m a perfectionist.  (Like, who needs to find a new 10 watt light bulb for the dryer, when the old one went out who knows when, and there’s a more-than-adequate overhead light in the laundry room?)


mom's inbox inbucket to do list



And no one understands this pile but me.  But at least it’s all in one place.


For now.


That’s because we’re moving.  Or we think we’re moving.  And because my computer has been out for repairs and I’ve been using my husband’s desk.  And he hates it when he comes home from a long day at work and finds my stuff in his space; my drink cups making rings on his desk; my tabs cluttering his browser; the baby gnawing on his calculator; his pc screen shield, to-do list and calendar shoved aside.  He’ll be all tired and waiting while I say, “Just another minute, just let me finish this…can you grab the baby?”   (I’m horrible, right?)


why moms need an inbucket inbox
My husband’s desk pre-inbucket. And yeah…that’s a pregnancy test on the desk in broad daylight…it was free with online rebate and just needed to stay handy until it was sent in. See why I needed an inbucket?


My inbucket used to be my kitchen counter.  And it wasn’t pretty either.


messy kitchen counter mom's inbucket reflective mom
My kitchen counter before the inbucket.


It just kept spreading.  And the outgoing mail got lost.


(Have I mentioned that I’m a very organized person?  Oh?  Well, all I can say to that is: looks can be deceiving.)


There are always small parts to be glued.  To-do lists to combine.  Other people’s things to return.  Calendars.  Rain checks I think I’ll use (ha! as if life isn’t already complicated enough). Immunization records to file.  Batteries to recharge.  Flash drives to empty.  And those projects I never get to like developing Grandma’s old film…


And because I’m very visual, if I need to get online and research how something works, like tile cutters for installing a backsplash, then I just throw the tile cutters on the pile.


But now I use an inbucket because I’ve adapted and “evolved.”  (After moving my stuff to and from my husband’s desk 14 times last week.)  This works out great because I can stick it on top of the refrigerator and out of my toddler’s reach.  And take it in the car with me.  Or snuggle with it in bed.


Which makes my kitchen countertops visible again.


But there are still the several dozen things that aren’t in my physical inbox and are always more pressing.  Like emails from Amazon telling me that my late night ordering spree didn’t go through because of expired payment.  My Pinterest page telling me I need to verify my website…which I find very complicated, actually.  Cleaning up from last night’s Super Bowl party.  And then there are the trash cans – the ones I’d love to bring in before my extremely conscientious neighbor with the perfect lawn and roses returns from carpool, like clockwork, and brings in hers.  (Which I managed today…score!)


And then there’s the hourly need to post cute pictures of my baby girl on Facebook and Instagram.


It’s a wonder I get anything done.


But the inbucket is a great first step!  I’m feeling revived and rejuvenated just thinking about it.


And I’m excited to see what kind of things get done around here now!  (If I can ever stop just gushing about it and actually start emptying it…)


If you don’t have an inbucket, do yourself a favor and get one today.


It might change your life.