I can’t believe that (this month) it’s been a year since I hit “publish” on my first Reflective Mom blog post!  It’s also been four years since my husband and I said, “I do.”


Not being a big fan of crazy-mushy over the top social media posts about one’s significant others…mine is a little more on the “keepin’ it real” side of things.


Anyway, without much ado, here’s what I wrote for my husband (and all the world to see, of course).  He said he loves it.


Happy Anniversary to the man I married 4 years ago because I couldn’t imagine myself married to anyone else.  Who’d thrown me over the brink of rational thinking with years of adventures, travels, and hours- and days-long talks!  Who made my phone ring every day, sometimes thrice a day, for a year!  Only ever leaving me with the promise of: “We’ll holla atcha tomorrow…”


Then, back from yet another trip to the ocean, the caravan cleared out after a lonnng ride home, standing under the moon, you offered the moon!  To ME!  The one in silly, car trip braids (because I was too hyped up on caffeine to endure another hour and you’d called over your shoulder, “Braid your hair or something!”)


In three months, you made good on your word and there was an heirloom ring.  Sized and ready another long month later, after snow storms and a jeweler who broke it!  And you managed a surprise proposal on a moonlit balcony at Château Élan.  (I’m STILL waiting to attend a Naval Academy graduation by the way!  Feeling slightly cheated 😉 )


engagement chateau elan
Engagement Night.


By Spring, we were honeymooning in beautiful Los Cabos with mountains and peacocks, after our crazy over-the-top wedding party with 14 too-young children, trampled veil, candles not staying lit and others that crisped people’s hair, embarrassing technical delays, broken wedding dress, and finally the reception with our Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake so far gone and needing to be cut before the meal! Honey, if it had been anyone else, I would have died!


children at wedding flower girl ring bearers
Some of the restless wedding party.



bride and groom cutting wedding cake
Strategizing about The Leaning Tower of Pisa




honeymoon los cabos mexico
Boating around El Arco on Los Cabos.


Since then, it’s been the hardest four years and the easiest (just keepin’ it real!).  The fastest and the longest.  And for the valleys, I deserve a medal.  But for those same valleys, you deserve TEN.


You have driven me completely out of my ever-loving mind with your idiosyncrasies, micro-management, and perfectionism… all of which washes away each time you pick the perfect song on YouTube and blast it for me from the other room.


You’ve been my gun-toting, bedtime and schedule enforcing, southern charm instilling, the-man-always-drives, always-keep-your-promises, ROCK.  And I’ve loved and you for it and have wanted to scream because of it, all in the same moment.


You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted.  But best of all is the feeling of being “the most important person to ONE PERSON”.  You know everything about me – except how much I spent last week [sorry] or how long I’ll really be gone when I ask if you could, “watch the baby for an hour?”-  and you’ve learned to live and deal with my ups and downs.  My crazy highs and sinking lows.


I don’t have the perfect song, I’m just a writer, but four years later and I STILL couldn’t imagine myself married to anyone else!  Happy Anniversary Babe!