I came across an older article this morning…


(through a blog, of a blog, and a comment on a blog…don’t you just love the Internet for its endless rabbit trails?)…


It was about two people with opposite values, points of view, and lifestyles not only found common ground but connected through a genuine friendship that made a pretty significant impact on a lot of people.


And I was going to link to it right here but decided I rather just share what spoke to me rather than dealing with what might be a distraction.


But you’ve probably heard the story.  And maybe I have too but hey I just turned 40 which they say makes your memory start to go 😉 and I’m mom to a toddler who still randomly keeps me up at night and pulls my brain and nervous system in a million micro-directions throughout the live-long day.


And it did come out when I was newly post-partum and shunning media as a means of self-preservation…if that gives you any better idea of the time-frame I’m talking about 🙂


Anyway, I read it today and was glad I did.


I’ve been trying to work on inviting (and keeping) people in my life regardless of differing religious views, lifestyles, background, points of view on daily life (what?  you don’t brew kombucha?!  See ya!), differing parenting styles, etc.. and taking the time to connect, even briefly, with people in day-to-day life, regardless of whether we’ll meet again.


But my default is to rush past everyone until I get back to the cozy circle of like-minded people who think like me and make life easy and where I get comfortable, stop being challenged, think less, and stop growing.


This find today was perfect in light of some things I’m feeling increasingly burdened to share but for a myriad of reasons am holding back.


A big one being fear.


It was a reminder that while I don’t need to be afraid to share my beliefs (I still am though!), everything I say about what I believe should be with love, kindness, empathy, and understanding…so regardless of how the message is received, it is not the tone that gives anyone cause to turn away.


My life verse has long been, “Do not let kindness and truth leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart” (Pr. 3:3).


If you know me, you know that truth, however it’s packaged, comes naturally to me and is something I value in others.  And, except for in very intimidating circumstances, I’m pretty open and straightforward.  And blunt.


People come to me from years back and say, you know, you’re the only one who told me that, and you were right, but I didn’t want to listen to you!  And I usually don’t remember the conversation, so I cringe and have to ask, “Was that because I wasn’t really nice about it?”


Thus the life verse…with emphasis on the kindness.


So whether you’re a cozy like-minded friend who found me in your inbox next to your coffee this morning, or I just showed up somewhere along the Internet rabbit trail and you’re not sure yet what to think, I hope we can find a little bit of common ground.


Even if it’s that we’re all still growing…