Can your child say the “Pledge of Allegiance?”




But first, let me admit openly and with very little shame, that I (a life-long American and native speaker of English with a graduate degree in Professional Writing proudly displayed on my foyer wall) just learned how to spell “Allegiance.”


Yep, it’s not “allegience.”  Who knew?


I stumbled into teaching our three-year-old daughter Geography a few weeks ago, but have also been doing some other “homeschooling type” activities in the hopes of either successfully preparing Muffin for preschool, or convincing the husband (who MAYBE hinted at the fact that I wouldn’t be disciplined enough to take it on) that she’s in capable hands if we ever decide to homeschool.


(The jury’s still out on that one, obviously, at least in the spelling department.)


But, like I’ve said before, I focus on my strengths.  For Muffin, who pretty much came out of the womb talking learning to recite by route rote (darn, I misspelled that too!) memorization is a no-brainer, an easy win.


This child also has a memory like vault so getting her to memorize and recite is like picking the low-hanging fruit for this mama.  (Maybe for you it’s your five-year-old doing calculus.)


So I started with her about six weeks ago, determined to surprise her Dad, by just quoting the Pledge of Allegiance randomly whenever I’d think about it.  Oftentimes in the car, while she was held captive as my audience.


Sometimes she went with it, other times she said, “Stop sayin’ dat!”


But when, her Granddaddy gave her an American flag two weekends ago (that she LOVES) that’s when she put the two together, and wanted to say the Pledge all the time.  It was all downhill/smooth sailing from there.


Without further adoo (oh? not how that’s spelled either?), here is my latest accomplishment in life (living vicariously through my child of course)!


The totally unscripted/first take of our three year old (at 40 months) saying the Pledge of Allegiance 🙂




I hope you enjoyed!  I think I could watch this another 50 times and not get bored.


But then, that’s just me 🙂


Have you had a homeschooling “victory” or “easy win” while teaching your child?  Share it with me in the comments, I’d love to read about it 🙂