This is Muffin in her living room “Fork” with our new cat “Mew Mew.”


Kid fort
The “Fork”


She has pronounced “Fort” as “Fork” every day for a week (while she has dismantled the couch and beds and proudly built and displayed her work in our living room).


Until today.


When I had the a audacity to make a joke by calling it a “fork.”  In front of daddy.  That’s when she promptly corrected me, “It’s not a ‘fork’ mommy it’s a FORT!”


My kid outsmarts me every time.


The cat came with that name.  We got her off of Craigslist about a month ago, three weeks after Dancer died of some horrible and very fast acting virus that hit her suddenly and took her out in nine days.


There’s no way I would know how much I could care for a little tiny creature but it was pretty sad day for me.  Since all I would’ve posted would’ve been morbid, I refrained.


But all better now!


I bleached everything and waited three weeks and this cat seems to be doing fine, thankfully!


Her snuggle therapy with Pepe is also working out marvelously.  A little slower than our much younger Dancer but coming along.


These are my favorite types of Saturday mornings.