This is my child taking up the entire floor to “work” on coloring.



I thought this was so funny that I wanted to take a picture.  I was thinking, what an interesting child I have!


An anomaly.  A kid who is very serious about her art.  Maybe a little obsessive.


But then when you really stop to think about it I probably taught her this.



The TABLE is already covered in papers, so what do you do?



Spread out ALL the mess, where you can see it, and then attack it.  (Or just stare at it a little while, maybe shuffle a few items, and feel like you’ve done something.)


Difference is, 30 minutes later she’s actually accomplished something (and then colored all over it, cut it to pieces, and taped it up into a glueless papier-mâché, and attacked it again with the scissors and crayons).


I can’t always say the same 😉