Potato Salad

potato salad

“MOM!  I am NOT eating!  I’m PRETEND!”   That’s what I heard after scooping up a heaping serving of my favorite potato salad recipe  – that quintessential summer dish – and hoping it would pass for breakfast for Muffin my three-year-old.  Eggs and potatoes, right?  (With a little fat and celery for balance.)   Because I have a.. Read More

Super Bowl Nachos Mountain Supreme

Ready for the Super Bowl? How about some nachos?   How about some legendary nachos?   After you make these Super Bowl Nachos Mountain Supreme, your friends will ask you about it year after year!   (And they’ll post pics on their facebook pages that you can borrow for a blog.. Read More

A Weekend of Persimmons

Martha Stewarts Persimmons Picture

Happy Monday!   This was a weekend full of persimmons.  The very bitter and the sweet.  And it was all very Martha.  Well, not really…but I certainly can pretend.   So, here’s a little of how it goes when you’re only hours removed from loss and trying to follow a Martha recipe like “me”.   You.. Read More