Living Through Postpartum Anxiety


A friend recently posted on facebook about how her daughter turned one and she felt like the worst was over in trying to protect her baby from harm and she could let out a big sigh of relief. And I could totally relate. Admidst the fluff and bragadocius picture posting.. Read More

Shutting Doors

Open Drawer Kitchen

I have a problem…   Not a “kinda” or “sorta” kind of problem.   But a real life…BIG…problem.   One that affects me every day…and everyday I have to deal with it.   Or at least I have to deal with how it causes other people to, well, grieve.  .. Read More

Ready for Potty Training?

Ready for Potty Training?

Are we ready for Potty Training? How does one even know when they’re ready? We hit 23 months old this week. We’ve been talking about potties for about half that time. Our daughter sits on one (sometimes). And says, “Potty.” So we’re ready for potty training, right? We started this.. Read More

The Frig List

The Frig List

There is a never-ending supply of “Honey Do” lists neatly typed on our frig.  But it’s my husband that composes them for me, not the other way around.  Because I have more time.  These lists can be added to at any time via text, facebook message, email, or phone call… Read More

Poetic Thoughts – On Loss and Healing

Creamer spilled on floor

A Cup of Comfort   When I’m not supposed to be drinking coffee. And I’ve already had my quota for the day (or maybe the week). But I want it, need it, more than anything.   When I’m putting off things I should be doing, And coffee again promises to be my reliever, fortifier, Substitute. But a Still.. Read More

What DO You DO All Day?

  For my hardworking fellow homemakers, their spouses who wonder what we do all day, and our friends in other seasons of life who wonder too… It happened, once upon a very recent time ago, that a husband phoned a wife, and asked her to take care of a simple task for him… Read More

Loving Summer!

Baby Eating Popsicle

First of all, if I were a “professional” photographer, shooting with a name brand camera I’ve never heard of, a graduate of advanced photography classes, intricately acquainted with Adobe Photoshop, sporting a custom watermark design on the edge of each print, and with enough lenses strapped to my hip to make a several mortgage payments, I’d consider this.. Read More

Confessions of a Recovering Bleachaholic

I shiver to think how many times I’ve used straight chlorine bleach for everything from obliterating mold in my bathroom grout, toilet rims, and sink drains, to removing otherwise unrelenting stains from laundry whites. I’ve depended on it to disinfect and whiten Formica counter tops, cutting boards, the kitchen trash.. Read More

Grandma’s Two Cents

Muffin with her Great Grandma

  After Grandpa died, and Grandma moved just down the street from us, I was couponing a good bit and offering to pick up things up for her while I was out. She insisted on paying and most of the time I could tell her, “No, no, no, you don’t understand, it didn’t cost.. Read More