While my day is often punctuated by dropping everything to post what Muffin has said on Facebook, I can never quite decide whether its best to dash these gems off on my default personal page or make a couple of extra clicks to get over to Reflective Mom.  So here, as a way of avoiding.. Read More

Morning Conversations (With A Child)

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  “I don’t know; it’s just a peach!”   Standing at the kitchen sink, paring knife in hand, I was answering questions the way I swore I never would.  Vague, impatient.  My toddler clinging to my legs.  A plate of sliced peaches in front of the wide-awake four-year-old at the table eliciting an endless amount of wonder… Read More

Mommy Needs To Play By Herself!

Mommy Time

This is shame post.  Not other Mommy-shaming but self-shaming.   I’m ashamed.   Today, I had a moment where I couldn’t remember anything precious about my child.  And she heard her mother stand up and scream into the Abyss of Frustration (which was hovering on the dining room ceiling above my desk):  “Mommy needs to.. Read More

A Guest Post From…My Child

Hi Everyone!  This is Muffin here, doing my first post!  I’m so excited!   (And they say I have a short attention span, so I need to be quick!)   Like my Mom, I love to write, but mostly on walls, floors, doors, clothes, and tables, in books, and on myself!  My.. Read More

Hatch Green Chili & Horse Country

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When I didn’t think Albuquerque could get much better, a drive down Route 66 for a green chili breakfast, and winding up in scenic horse country, with Peublo Revival style estate homes nestled amongst Cottonwood Trees, and a stop at Los Poblanos Ranch changed all that.   After a round.. Read More

Albuquerque is Beautiful

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Thirty minutes after I hopped into the front seat of my friend’s SUV at the Albuquerque airport yesterday, three car seats and boosters across the middle row, and nosed out into the sunshine, windows down, excitedly catching up, I was in love with this city.   Maybe it’s the Sandia.. Read More