Shutting Doors

Open Drawer Kitchen

I have a problem…   Not a “kinda” or “sorta” kind of problem.   But a real life…BIG…problem.   One that affects me every day…and everyday I have to deal with it.   Or at least I have to deal with how it causes other people to, well, grieve.  .. Read More

Holiday Sync & Too Many Tights

How to clean bath toys

Happy Monday before Thanksgiving! It’s four days before Family, Food & Football with my family and I’m (as usual) feeling out of sync with all the other mothers in Suburbia. Which means I cooked and baked like a mad woman last week (I even tried to copy someone else’s fabulous Pinterest worthy Elsa fondant cake) and.. Read More

A Weekend of Persimmons

Martha Stewarts Persimmons Picture

Happy Monday!   This was a weekend full of persimmons.  The very bitter and the sweet.  And it was all very Martha.  Well, not really…but I certainly can pretend.   So, here’s a little of how it goes when you’re only hours removed from loss and trying to follow a Martha recipe like “me”.   You.. Read More

Ready for Potty Training?

Ready for Potty Training?

Are we ready for Potty Training? How does one even know when they’re ready? We hit 23 months old this week. We’ve been talking about potties for about half that time. Our daughter sits on one (sometimes). And says, “Potty.” So we’re ready for potty training, right? We started this.. Read More

Mommy Office Hours

Mommy Office Hours - Getting work done as a stay at home mom

I’m a stay-at-home-mom holding down the idea that I still have a “desk job”… You know, something that feels luxuriously important… So important that at any minute it could all just go up in flames. This is because I’m only ever “IN” during Mommy Office Hours and no normal desk.. Read More

Coach House Garage Doors for Less than $50

Here’s an earth-friendly and budget-lite solution for having trendy coach house garage doors for less than $50.   After your garage door makeover, sit back and enjoy as friends and neighbors stop by and congratulate you on your “new” doors. The best part is the reactions that come when you say, “Oh, they’re not new!”.. Read More

The Frig List

The Frig List

There is a never-ending supply of “Honey Do” lists neatly typed on our frig.  But it’s my husband that composes them for me, not the other way around.  Because I have more time.  These lists can be added to at any time via text, facebook message, email, or phone call… Read More