Beginning Potty Training – Fail

Coming Along with Potty Training

Well…SOMEBODY gets the idea! Hope our next few days, weeks, MONTHS?!?! of beginning potty training go well. They say you are ready if your baby wakes up “dry”. We’ve accomplished that. They say to “introduce” the potty. Check! But this isn’t exactly what I had in mind 🙂 -RM  .. Read More

How I Come Home From Aldi


I’m usually a little overwhelmed after a trip to Aldi because I buy a lot of fresh produce, enough for the week or longer, and I don’t usually have a place to put it all. If I cram it in my frig without processing it first (or just leave it.. Read More

Confessions of a Recovering Bleachaholic

I shiver to think how many times I’ve used straight chlorine bleach for everything from obliterating mold in my bathroom grout, toilet rims, and sink drains, to removing otherwise unrelenting stains from laundry whites. I’ve depended on it to disinfect and whiten Formica counter tops, cutting boards, the kitchen trash.. Read More

Grandma’s Two Cents

Muffin with her Great Grandma

  After Grandpa died, and Grandma moved just down the street from us, I was couponing a good bit and offering to pick up things up for her while I was out. She insisted on paying and most of the time I could tell her, “No, no, no, you don’t understand, it didn’t cost.. Read More

My Awesome Husband has an Awesome Wife, or so She Brags

“Just got GORGEOUS flowers (again) from my AWESOME HUSBAND!!!! Thanks Babe! You’re just so AWESOME, and did I say, AWESOME?!?! And I love you SOOOOOO much!!!  XOXO THREE WONDERFUL YEARS AND COUNTING!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!” – the facebook post I’ll never write But I did get flowers for Mother’s Day….and on Mother’s Day to boot! And.. Read More

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day It got a little creative around here and these are the Gifts for Mom we ended up with! First of all, I had this and I had these things to fill it with and turned it into this I got excited about how it.. Read More

Mother’s Day Art Project Subject Gone Missing

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m NOT going to show up empty-handed for Mother’s Day! (But I’m not going out of budget either.) Two days and counting…this is one of our projects, found on the Internet, of course. First, we made our own non-toxic paint! Nothing like getting into a project that involves.. Read More

Being a Mommy Blogger

To write a mommy blog you should probably BE a mommy. We all know these articles where you stay up late scanning the Internet for something to help solve the latest (real or mental) crisis and come across a title the beckons sincerely from the randomness of the world wide.. Read More

New Baby Gate

Baby Playing with Gate

This house needed baby gates. Lot’s of baby gates.   So I thought it was going to be a great weekend when I saw two beautiful, extra-tall, walk-thru black metal gates on Craigslist. They were a fraction of the price of what they’d cost new and I was especially grateful to be done with stepping over the.. Read More