Shopping With Toddlers

Shopping With A Toddler 3

I feel on display when I’m shopping with toddlers.  In a not so good way.   People who normally keep their distance come right up to our cart to engage my child and Nori (her cousin), and I lose all personal space.  My attention is constantly diverted from my task to overseeing the interactions with them (and.. Read More

Toddler Currency

Baby in Pot Lids

I paid this morning. Like all mornings, afternoons, and evenings. For the chance at two minutes. Alone. In the bathroom. These kinds of charges always sneak up on me. Like most things you enjoy until you realize there’s a charge. Kind of like when you’re 11 and don’t realize the chocolate in.. Read More

Things You Never Want to See

Today I celebrate my ten wonderful baby safety gates, and commit solidly to using them every moment of the day…even when she screams and rattles the gates, and flops down like a dying bug on the other side of them. Behold, the cantaloupe knife…in the high chair: Hope your morning was less frightening! -RM

Beginning Potty Training – Fail

Coming Along with Potty Training

Well…SOMEBODY gets the idea! Hope our next few days, weeks, MONTHS?!?! of beginning potty training go well. They say you are ready if your baby wakes up “dry”. We’ve accomplished that. They say to “introduce” the potty. Check! But this isn’t exactly what I had in mind 🙂 -RM  .. Read More

New Baby Gate

Baby Playing with Gate

This house needed baby gates. Lot’s of baby gates.   So I thought it was going to be a great weekend when I saw two beautiful, extra-tall, walk-thru black metal gates on Craigslist. They were a fraction of the price of what they’d cost new and I was especially grateful to be done with stepping over the.. Read More