Class Dog (and my involvement)

It’s my child’s week to take home the class pet. . . . Thankfully, this is not a live fish, hamster or turtle that would not recover from being suffocated, trod upon, or dismembered.  But he’s plenty of work and worry just the same. This is because instead of doing.. Read More

Art Child

This is my child taking up the entire floor to “work” on coloring.     I thought this was so funny that I wanted to take a picture.  I was thinking, what an interesting child I have!   An anomaly.  A kid who is very serious about her art.  Maybe.. Read More


While my day is often punctuated by dropping everything to post what Muffin has said on Facebook, I can never quite decide whether its best to dash these gems off on my default personal page or make a couple of extra clicks to get over to Reflective Mom.  So here, as a way of avoiding.. Read More

Potty Training

ready to potty train

    Potty training is on the agenda today.   I didn’t plan for this.   I didn’t authorize it.   I didn’t want it.   It just is.   So..   Muffin came home from being out all day yesterday and just decided, right then and there, to start potty training… Read More