Coach House Garage Doors for Less than $50

Here’s an earth-friendly and budget-lite solution for having trendy coach house garage doors for less than $50.   After your garage door makeover, sit back and enjoy as friends and neighbors stop by and congratulate you on your “new” doors. The best part is the reactions that come when you say, “Oh, they’re not new!”.. Read More

Monday’s Project: Repaint Kitchen Table

Painting Kitchen Table

No, we’re not dining al fresco next to a Jackson Pollock tonight. Just taking advantage of beautiful fall weather…for some kitchen table re-painting. And the reasons are: 1) “We’re selling the house.” (I put that in parenthesis because we’ve been “moving” for a long time now.) 2) I had a couple of.. Read More

Granite Countertops

The End Result - New Granite Countertops!

We finally got granite countertops! I feel glamorous about having granite like everyone else on the planet in our very spoiled suburbs. (It’s the little things, right?)   To keep things in perspective I know we’re probably six months ahead of the next best thing coming out. What is it? Foam? Crushed sea shells? Asphalt?  .. Read More

Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Transformation

I decided to have fabulous laundry room cabinets a long time ago. Before buying this house in 2004. Before renting a 99 year old farm house. Before moving out of my parent’s home. And prior to touring the Biltmore Estate. It happened somewhere in the dozen or so years that I nannied and folded my way through college (and grad school,.. Read More