Letting Go of Perfectionism as a Blogger

holding on to perfectionism as a writer

I’m a bonafide perfectionist.  And as a blogger this is a very bad thing.  But I can’t let go!   When it comes to writing and blogging, I’m not your average halfway, kinda, sorta, or wannabee perfectionist but a real-life, mind-numbing, paralyzing, stop-you-in-your-tracks, don’t-get-simple-stuff-done, mountainous-mounds-of-work-I-want-to-tackle but never will, sort of PERFECTIONIST.   Perfectionism.. Read More

Mommy Office Hours

Mommy Office Hours - Getting work done as a stay at home mom

I’m a stay-at-home-mom holding down the idea that I still have a “desk job”… You know, something that feels luxuriously important… So important that at any minute it could all just go up in flames. This is because I’m only ever “IN” during Mommy Office Hours and no normal desk.. Read More

Being a Mommy Blogger

To write a mommy blog you should probably BE a mommy. We all know these articles where you stay up late scanning the Internet for something to help solve the latest (real or mental) crisis and come across a title the beckons sincerely from the randomness of the world wide.. Read More