Class Dog (and my involvement)

It’s my child’s week to take home the class pet.   So instead of doing 36 other things that I should be doing instead of this, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and following in the footsteps of five other preschool parents before me by writing in a surprisingly well-maintained composition.. Read More

Art Child

This is my child taking up the entire floor to “work” on coloring.     I thought this was so funny that I wanted to take a picture.  I was thinking, what an interesting child I have!   An anomaly.  A kid who is very serious about her art.  Maybe.. Read More


While my day is often punctuated by dropping everything to post what Muffin has said on Facebook, I can never quite decide whether its best to dash these gems off on my default personal page or make a couple of extra clicks to get over to Reflective Mom.  So here, as a way of avoiding.. Read More

Potty Training

ready to potty train

    Potty training is on the agenda today.   I didn’t plan for this.   I didn’t authorize it.   I didn’t want it.   It just is.   So..   Muffin came home from being out all day yesterday and just decided, right then and there, to start potty training… Read More