You Ruined Christmas (Eve)

It is a very long-standing tradition in our family that at some time during the gathering someone will furrow their brow, rise up with mock angst and horror in their voice, and point to someone else with a quivering hand and say, “YOU RUINED CHRIIIIIIST-MAAAAAAS!”  (or Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or Easter).   (I realize.. Read More

Misha’s – The World’s Best Coffee

Misha's Coffe Alexandria VA Photo Credit:

THE WORLD’S BEST COFFEE Our family, once upon a time, discovered the World’s Best Coffee and it became part of a much appreciated Christmas tradition.   This tradition started when my oldest brother was graduating from law school in D.C. and we’d all piled in the car to go up there.  At.. Read More

Birthday Visits

Reflective Mom Birthday Visits

My baby turned FOUR!   I can hardly believe that on this day in 2012 I was holding such a tiny newborn bit of life in my arms.   Wondering how could ever be possible that she would one day be running circles around me, talking a mile a minute,.. Read More

Things To Remember. . .

Good things are worth sharing!   A lot of Internet memes and inspirations lately have sounded good but just weren’t true.   And I’ve had to be intentional about reading things all the way through before I hit “like.”  But something a dear sweet friend shared on her Facebook page last night was very encouraging. .. Read More

How Kind Are You?


We Remember Kindness   and we tend to remember when people are unkind too . . .   Do you ever just randomly dream about several people at once?  I met this new day just realizing (again) that I’ve known a lot of really quality people!   We might not live close or.. Read More

Friendships of Love, Grace, & Acceptance

I came across an older article this morning…   (through a blog, of a blog, and a comment on a blog…don’t you just love the Internet for its endless rabbit trails?)…   It was about two people with opposite values, points of view, and lifestyles not only found common ground but connected through.. Read More

Morning Conversations (With A Child)

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  “I don’t know; it’s just a peach!”   Standing at the kitchen sink, paring knife in hand, I was answering questions the way I swore I never would.  Vague, impatient.  My toddler clinging to my legs.  A plate of sliced peaches in front of the wide-awake four-year-old at the table eliciting an endless amount of wonder… Read More