Muffin’s 92 Year Old Friend (Mine Too)

Our 92 year old next door neighbor has an in-home studio from 50+ years of playing the piano at church and parties.   Muffin is his latest accompanist.     He doesn’t seem to mind that, at 89 years his junior, she’ll slobber into the mics, constantly fiddle with his soundboard, and hopelessly crush and.. Read More

Kid Memory: Seriously?

Kid Memory

Something happened recently to remind me what a great memory my child actually has…about some things.  And this is despite “forgetting” important things that are painstakingly reinforced every day: “Don’t. climb. on. the. furniture.”  “Don’t. take. off. all. your. clothes. before. you. go. outside.”  “Don’t. put. ANYTHING. in. the. toilet.”   Kids,.. Read More


While my day is often punctuated by dropping everything to post what Muffin has said on Facebook, I can never quite decide whether its best to dash these gems off on my default personal page or make a couple of extra clicks to get over to Reflective Mom.  So here, as a way of avoiding.. Read More

Mommy Needs To Play By Herself!

Mommy Time

This is shame post.  Not other Mommy-shaming but self-shaming.   I’m ashamed.   Today, I had a moment where I couldn’t remember anything precious about my child.  And she heard her mother stand up and scream into the Abyss of Frustration (which was hovering on the dining room ceiling above my desk):  “Mommy needs to.. Read More

A Guest Post From…My Child

Hi Everyone!  This is Muffin here, doing my first post!  I’m so excited!   (And they say I have a short attention span, so I need to be quick!)   Like my Mom, I love to write, but mostly on walls, floors, doors, clothes, and tables, in books, and on myself!  My.. Read More

Ready for Potty Training?

Ready for Potty Training?

Are we ready for Potty Training? How does one even know when they’re ready? We hit 23 months old this week. We’ve been talking about potties for about half that time. Our daughter sits on one (sometimes). And says, “Potty.” So we’re ready for potty training, right? We started this.. Read More

Mommy Office Hours

Mommy Office Hours - Getting work done as a stay at home mom

I’m a stay-at-home-mom holding down the idea that I still have a “desk job”… You know, something that feels luxuriously important… So important that at any minute it could all just go up in flames. This is because I’m only ever “IN” during Mommy Office Hours and no normal desk.. Read More