Craigslist (and no more debt)

reflectivemom buying on craigslist

It started out looking like one of those days where it takes a whole pot of coffee just to sit on the couch. After a weekend without that deep restful sleep that comes when you snuggle into your own bed, a couple of late nights, losing an hour to “Spring Forward”,.. Read More

Shopping With Toddlers

Shopping With A Toddler 3

I feel on display when I’m shopping with toddlers.  In a not so good way.   People who normally keep their distance come right up to our cart to engage my child and Nori (her cousin), and I lose all personal space.  My attention is constantly diverted from my task to overseeing the interactions with them (and.. Read More

How I Come Home From Aldi


I’m usually a little overwhelmed after a trip to Aldi because I buy a lot of fresh produce, enough for the week or longer, and I don’t usually have a place to put it all. If I cram it in my frig without processing it first (or just leave it.. Read More

My Awesome Husband has an Awesome Wife, or so She Brags

“Just got GORGEOUS flowers (again) from my AWESOME HUSBAND!!!! Thanks Babe! You’re just so AWESOME, and did I say, AWESOME?!?! And I love you SOOOOOO much!!!  XOXO THREE WONDERFUL YEARS AND COUNTING!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!” – the facebook post I’ll never write But I did get flowers for Mother’s Day….and on Mother’s Day to boot! And.. Read More