To write a mommy blog you should probably BE a mommy. We all know these articles where you stay up late scanning the Internet for something to help solve the latest (real or mental) crisis and come across a title the beckons sincerely from the randomness of the world wide web, “Read me! read ME!”

And fourteen seconds after you click, you are absolutely certain it was not written by a real mom but maybe a mediocre journalism student who misread a class syllabus as 80 percent (not 30) of grade assignment being a witty headline. And went for it, content aside.

But the problem with mommy blogging is that you actually are a mommy. So while divine thoughts may appear throughout the course of the normal business of being a mom, it is probable that those thoughts will dissipate before they are herded up like a gaggle of children and whipped into a paragraph.

Which means that while you may be, literally, two feet from the nearest computer or recording device you are completely indisposed and cannot stretch to reach it. And if you did, it would be relinquished to a child as an act of appeasement while it was still being powered on, and then destroyed – by clobber or slobber.

Because while your days are punctuated by random ideas that are followed by the cha-ching! thought, “Oh THAT would be a great blog post!” Your days are equally punctuated by random acts of screaming, falling, breaking, shattering, thudding, and then screaming….which is all eventually erased by mommy brain, or a big bowl of late-night chocolate ice cream. Whichever kicks in first.

And then there’s all that you have to do in a day, so when you get to a computer, and start out great (like the mediocre journalism student)…you leave that great thought for something undone. And when you come back you’re too exhausted to remember what you were going to type next.

Don’t worry, mommy blogger know that “Writer’s Block” is equally synonymous with both “Naptime” and “Bedtime.” We know what you were planning to write was awesome even if you can’t prove it after falling asleep mid-sentence!

So go ahead and have those great moments that should be recorded in the Mommy Bloggers’ Hall of Fame. And then write down whatever you can remember of it after a long day of diapers and dishes.

And we will give you the grace to acknowledge that you are far more clever and witty that we could shake a stick at.

But just know – we are too!