Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Transformation

I decided to have fabulous laundry room cabinets a long time ago. Before buying this house in 2004. Before renting a 99 year old farm house. Before moving out of my parent’s home. And prior to touring the Biltmore Estate. It happened somewhere in the dozen or so years that I nannied and folded my way through college (and grad school,.. Read More

My Awesome Husband has an Awesome Wife, or so She Brags

“Just got GORGEOUS flowers (again) from my AWESOME HUSBAND!!!! Thanks Babe! You’re just so AWESOME, and did I say, AWESOME?!?! And I love you SOOOOOO much!!!  XOXO THREE WONDERFUL YEARS AND COUNTING!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!” – the facebook post I’ll never write But I did get flowers for Mother’s Day….and on Mother’s Day to boot! And.. Read More

Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day It got a little creative around here and these are the Gifts for Mom we ended up with! First of all, I had this and I had these things to fill it with and turned it into this I got excited about how it.. Read More

Mother’s Day Art Project Subject Gone Missing

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m NOT going to show up empty-handed for Mother’s Day! (But I’m not going out of budget either.) Two days and counting…this is one of our projects, found on the Internet, of course. First, we made our own non-toxic paint! Nothing like getting into a project that involves.. Read More